Friday, July 30, 2010

Socialists Have Infiltrated America?!

This guy has some interesting things to say about the history of fire departments and "socialism" in America.
WATCH the video at The Punk Patriot.

Gingrich Aide: Mosque at Ground Zero Is Like Statue of Marx at Arlington

"Newt Gingrich's spokesman told Salon in a phone interview today that building a mosque at Ground Zero 'would be like putting a statue of Mussolini or Marx at Arlington National Cemetery.'"
READ the article at Salon.

Wikileaks, Raw Intel, and the Rise of the Taliban.

"What a week its been for us document hounds!!  The dust is still settling from the wikileaks dump of over 70,000 raw, uncensored US military intelligence reports from Afghanistan.  They have certainly revealed some interesting tidbits."
READ the article at National Security Archive.

July 30, 1965: LBJ Signs Medicare Bill

"The new Medicare and Medicaid laws increase access to health care services."
WATCH the video at ABC.

Palin For President In 2012? Gingrich Says Yes

"Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich included Sarah Palin in a list of people he expects to run for president in 2012."
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Gingrich Suggests Attacking Rest Of 'Axis Of Evil'

"Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich twice called on the United States to attack North Korea and Iran Axis of Evil' members by invading Iraq. He also claimed that Muslims are trying to install Sharia law on America and said that the 'War on Terror' should have been a war on 'radical Islamists' instead."
 WATCH the video at Huffington Post.

BP Says Time For 'Scaleback' Of Cleanup Efforts

"There were several signs Friday that the era of thousands of oil-skimming boats and hazmat-suited beach crews is giving way to long-term efforts to clean up, compensate people for their losses and understand the damage wrought. Local fishermen are doubtful, however, and say oil remains a bigger problem than BP and the federal government are letting on."
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Some Tea Partiers Arming and Awaiting 'Patriot Uprising'

"Tea Partying 'patriots' are ginning themselves up for a shooting war -- and GOP politicians are on board."
READ the article at Crooks & Liars.

Shirley Sherrod, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt and American Racial Hysteria

"The recent firing of Shirley Sherrod by the secretary of agriculture after an excerpt of a video of her speech at an NAACP event was used to portray her as a poster child for anti-white racism by Andrew Breibart, the conservative media personality, provoked a firestorm of controversy about race and its legacies in American life."
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glenn Beck At His Lunatic Best

"Is nothing sacred? Beck connects Homer Simpson to the Weather Underground."
WATCH the clip at Media Matters.

Ann Coulter: No 'Post-Racial America' Under Obama

"Conservative author blames liberal media for fanning flames of racism to protect the president."
READ the article at CBS.

Right-Wing Group Launches ‘Anti-Islamic’ Bus Ads Campaign

", the website promoted on Geller’s ads, contends that Muslim Americans who “long to be free” of their religion are in danger of being killed, and offers protection, including “safe houses,” for those who want out. Muslim rights groups and religious leaders say there is no penalty for leaving Islam and that the Koran condemns killing as a sin."
READ the article at Think Progress.
PHOTO at Christian Science Monitor.

PBS Defends Borowitz's Mocking of Sarah Palin

"Who’d have guessed. Apparently some PBS watchers are also Sarah Palin supporters. Or at least Sarah Palin sympathizers. Comedian Andy Borowitz, in his short, funny segment that appears at the end of Jon Meacham’s ‘Need to Know’ PBS news show, this week made fun of Sarah Palin." PBS received multiple negative comments from Palinista viewers over the segment demanding Borowitz be censored.
READ and WATCH at Mediaite.
You also can e-mail the PBS ombudsman in support of Borowitz.

Beck Denies Complicity

"Glenn Beck has denied being 'responsible' for a planned attack on the leaders of the Tides Foundation, a nonprofit organization Beck has repeatedly demonized. Beck has said that he "stand[s] by each one" of his attacks on the group and lauded his coverage of the organization."
READ the article at Media Matters.

The Beer Party Launches a Website!

"The Beer Party began as a Facebook page, created by the husband and wife team of Chris Winland and Sara Prus, to express their outrage and disdain for the Tea Party in all it’s lunatic fringe glory.  It quickly gained quite a following as thousands of Americans rallied to their call for more enlightened, common sense (yet far from timid) discourse."

"You can add your voice to those telling the Tea Party to 'stick a sock in it' until they’ve got something sensible to say (and that goes for Fox News, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and all others of their their ilk, too, not to mention most GOP politicians for that matter) on our Facebook page at:
VISIT the Beer Party's Website.

Right Wing Fear Mongering About Islam

 "It's starting to become clear that some conservative groups think that if Muslims are able to worship on American soil, the terrorists have won."
READ the article at TPM Muckraker.

Bachmann Endorsement Is Toxic

"Tea party groups in Missouri are furious that national tea party icon, Rep. Michele Bachmann, endorsed the strong front-runner for the Senate nomination Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO)."
READ the article at TPM Muckraker.

Closer To the Apocalypse

"Tim Lahaye, evangelical Christian minister, warns that Obama is bringing us closer  to 'the Apocalypse'." (As seen on - where else? - FOX News.)
WATCH the video at Huffington Post.

European Socialism Not So Scary

God forbid we should become like those leftie Europeans.
WATCH the clip from the Rachel Maddow Show.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Republicans Want to ‘Restore’ the 13th Amendment

"The Iowa GOP supports an amendment to strip Obama’s citizenship because he won the Nobel Peace Prize."
READ the article at Think Progress. 
MORE at Newsweek.

Glenn Beck 's Year - So Far.

"What a year of race-baiting it's been for Beck."
WATCH the video from Media Matters.

Tenn. Lt. Gov. Questions Whether Muslims Are Protected Under Constitution

"Tennessee Lt. Gov. (and Republican gubernatorial candidate) Ron Ramsey has added an alarming new position to the race. He has stated that he is not convinced the Constitution protects Muslims under the guarantee of freedom of religion."
READ more at Jonathan Turley's blog.

Sarah Palin: There's a "Sickness and Darkness" in Liberal Media

"Sarah Palin has taken to her Facebook page to complain about the media's "heart of darkness" as evidenced by e-mail exchanged on an ostensibly private listserv called JournoList concerning a conspiracy theory about her son Trig."
READ the article at CBS.

Bush Memoir Release Has Republicans Concerned

"With the 2010 election season underway, Republicans are reportedly concerned about how the impending release of former President George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, may affect the party's success at the polls come November."
READ the article at Huffington Post.

SB 1070 Largely Enjoined: The Opinion

"Today, federal district court Judge Susan Bolton ruled on the United States Department of Justice's motion for a preliminary injunction preventing enforcement of Arizona's SB 1070, largely granting the injunction against the bill's most noxious elements."
READ the article at Daily Kos.

Federal Judge Blocks Key Provisions of Arizona Immigration Law

"This afternoon, in a long-awaited decision, federal district court judge Susan Bolton enjoined several major provisions of Arizona’s immigration law, SB-1070. While it was speculated that Bolton would block parts of SB-1070 relating to warrantless arrests and document requirements, the judge also ended up striking down the law’s most controversial and significant provision: the requirement that police check immigration status."
READ the article at Think Progress.

Gingrich Calls NYC Mosque Supporters ‘Hostile To Our Civilization’

"Last week, Newt Gingrich...said in a statement, 'There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.'”
"Last night on Fox News, Gingrich seemed to stand by that claim..."
READ the article at Think Progress

Sherrod Critic: She Used Term 'Lynching' to Inflame the Left

"On Monday, former Reagan administration official Jeffrey Lord astonished the left and the right by penning an article in the conservative American Spectator attacking former-USDA official Shirley Sherrod for using the term 'lynching' to describe the murder of one of her relative years ago. The problem, according to Lord, was that the victim, Bobby Hall was beaten to death by a blackjack, rather than being hanged by the neck."

the article at TPM Muckraker.

Pentagon Contractor On Trial For Millions In Fraud

"David H. Brooks, the founder and former chief of body armor manufacturer DHB, is facing charges of fraud, insider trading and using millions of dollars in corporate cash to fund, as the New York Times puts it, 'personal extravagance.'"
READ the article at TPM Muckraker

Basil Marceaux for Governor of Tennessee

Meet Basil Marceaux, Republican candidate for Governor of Tennessee! Could this man be Sarah Palin's running mate in 2012? The half term governor and the half wit governor. We report; you decide!
WATCH him on You Tube.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

US Cannot Account For $8.7B In Iraqi Funds

 "A U.S. audit has found that the Pentagon cannot account for over 95 percent of $9.1 billion in Iraq reconstruction money, spotlighting Iraqi complaints that there is little to show for the massive funds pumped into their cash-strapped, war-ravaged nation."
READ the article at Yahoo News. (AP)

White Pride Group Urges Tea Party To Be Honest About Its Racism

"Remember the Council of Conservative Citizens? They were Trent Lott's buddies back in the day, and are a modern-era, suit-and-tie version of the KKK ("CCC" ... get it?). The Anti-Defamation League has more info on those racists here."
READ the article at the Daily Kos.

Right-Wing Pol Comes Clean; Says First Amendment May not Apply to Muslims

"At least this guy is honest, and doesn’t try to hide his profoundly un-American views."
READ the article at AlterNet.

Glenn Beck's Incendiary Angst Is Dangerously Close to Having a Body Count

"On his Monday radio show, Glenn Beck highlighted claims that before he started targeting a little-known, left-leaning organization called the Tides Foundation on his Fox News TV show, 'nobody knew' what the non-profit was."
READ the article at Huffington Post.

Targeting Tides: The Dangers of Beck's Campaign of Fear

"Now, you'll notice that I'm a danger, because no one knew who Tides was until the blackboard." ~ Glenn Beck 
WATCH the video from Media Matters.

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