Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Corporations Are Psychotic

"These 'people' are not healthy" Whew! And all this time I thought it was me.

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Rep. Ed Markey: Will the GOP Repeal Gravity?

“Mr. Chairman, I rise in opposition to a bill that overturns the scientific finding that pollution is harming our people and our planet. However, I won’t physically rise, because I’m worried that Republicans will overturn the law of gravity, sending us floating about the room.”

READ about it at Al's Journal.

Texas Bill Would Outlaw Discrimination Against Creationists

Just when you think it might be a slow Friday in Wingnutland, they somehow always manage to come through.
Anti-intellectualism continues to thrive in the Land of Lone Star Beer and Jackalopes.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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You're Fired!

I demand to see the rabies vaccination certificate for that dead animal Trump wears on his head. 

"Our current president came out of nowhere. Came out of nowhere," Trump said. "In fact, I'll go a step further: the people that went to school with him, they never saw him, they don't know who he is. It's crazy." -- Donald Trump

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

An 'Old' Green Technology Whose Time Has Come

West Virginia University's PRT (Personal Rail Transportation)

READ about it at Presbyterian College (Jon Bell.)

Poster of the Day


Iowa GOP Introduces "Give A Gun To A Schizophrenic" Bill


READ about it at Care 2.

Record Number of Stealth Creationism Bills Introduced in 2011

"It's an all-out assault on science, spearheaded by the GOP, naturally. According to the National Center for Science Education, a record-setting nine anti-evolution bills introduced in state legislatures since January 1st."

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

(even though I'm Orange Irish & it's one day before.)

Pat Patterson

The Flat Earth Republicans Are At It Again. Idiots.

Every Single GOPer On House Energy Cmte Won't Say Climate Change Is Real
"Thirty-one Republicans on the House Energy And Commerce Committee -- the entire Republican contingent on the panel -- declined on Tuesday to vote in support of the very idea that climate change exists."

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yet Another Contender For el Primo Asshole Crawls From the Muck

GOP Candidate: Deport Latino Farmworkers, Replace With Inner-City Blacks

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Losing the Class War: What's the Matter With West Virginia?

"When did become okay to bash labor and unions in the very region of the country where the labor movement was born and grew and flexed its muscles?"

Mother Jones


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Glenn Beck Has a Personal Meltdown Over Japanese Disaster

Glenn Beck: Japan earthquake could be 'message' from God to follow the Ten Commandments
Beck's personal meltdown over the Japanese disaster proves again that he is an insane sociopath concerned only with his own self-aggrandizement.

READ about it at NY Daily News.

Rightwing Asshole of the Day

Kansas GOPer: Let's Shoot Illegal Immigrants Like Pigs


"Kansas State Rep. Virgil Peck (R) suggested Monday that the best way to deal with the illegal immigration problem may be the same way the state might deal with the problem of "feral hogs" -- by shooting them from a helicopter."

READ about it at TPM.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll bet he's booked for gigs before the trombone playing gorilla.

Yikes! REAL 'Nazi Death Panels'

"NH GOP Senator says the disabled and mentally ill are ‘Defective People’ that should be shipped off to Siberia."


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Martial Law in Michigan and the Republicans’ End Game

"While we were venting our outrage at shenanigans in Wisconsin politics, in fact while Republicans were planning last night’s attempted coup, the Michigan state legislature quietly passed a bill giving the Governor of Michigan martial control over the state. Except instead of using actual military, the Governor is more likely to use private security. But make no mistake–rights would be suspended."

Mussolini's corporate-aligned, private security service: the Black Shirts.

READ about it at Politicus USA.

The Age of Ooops

A proposal for environmental accountability 
by Derrick Jensen

READ the article at Orion Magazine. 

Opium Wars

"A key step to securing peace will be to wean Afghan farmers off growing poppies."


READ about it at National Geographic.

Wisconsin's Walker: Union Man of the Year

"We should have invited him here today to receive the Mobilizer of the Year award!," AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a speech Thursday.


READ about it at CNN.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


More money into the black hole of excessive military secrecy and corrupt cronyism. ("Whoops!" is not an option.)
Counterfeit Electronic Parts Ending Up In Department of Defense Weapons Systems

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As Bill Clinton might say: 'Sorry, Newt, but no cigar."

"Gingrich says he cheated on his wives because he felt so ‘passionately’ for ‘this country’."

READ about it at the Raw Story.

Why Climate Change Is So Threatening to Right-Wing Ideologues

by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now


"Climate change challenges everything conservatives believe in so they're choosing to disbelieve it, at our peril."
“My fear is that climate change is the biggest crisis of all.” 
"Global warming could be exploited by capitalism and militarism."

READ about it at AlterNet.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Congress Blocks Ceremony For Frank Buckles, Last Surviving WWI Veteran

To all of us from Jefferson County, West Virginia, this hits too close to home This action by the GOP is a travesty. Mr. Buckles is a true American hero, something the ignorant, misinformed armchair patriots of the Tea Party movement -- who Boehner bows to -- know nothing about.


READ about it at The Huffington Post.

Pershing's Last Patriot :: The Frank Woodruff Buckles Story

Presidential Proclamation--Death of Army Corporal Frank W. Buckles,

Last Surviving AmericanVeteran of World War I


Gov. Walker readies Wisconsin layoffs; Senate leader orders 14 Dems arrested

 wisconsin, public employees, labor unions, scott walker, governor

READ about it at USA Today.

Gaffney, Jones Fight for Soul of Anti-Sharia Movement at Rally by White House
"The common enemy of both groups was radical Muslim Anjem Choudary, a London-based preacher who has been dubbed a "media whore" and has already made the rounds on Fox News promoting his "Sharia4America" rally, which was postponed just a few hours before it was supposed to begin on Thursday."

Anti-Muslim Protestor Throws Crosses at Feet of Man Praying by White House
"The counter rally planned by Frank Gaffney in response to Choudary's pro-Sharia demonstration was left without a raison d'etre after Choudary failed to show up as he'd previously announced (and promoted on Fox News). That left Gaffney and his group preaching to the choir so to speak as they denounced Sharia law to their followers as well as media and curious onlookers."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell

Fox "News" uses footage from Sacramento, California to make union protests in Wisconsin look violent.

Fox News Through History: Kent State protestors


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are Democrats Being Left Out of Political Talk Shows?

Liberals communicate using big words and complete sentences rather than grunts and whistles. Unfortunately, that makes for boring television and low ratings.

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Invasive Species Threaten Entire Ecosystems

Threat Could Make Land Preservation Irrelevant

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