Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beck's 8/28 Rally Attracts Fewer Than Expected

Despite perfect weather, far-right wingnut commentator and paranoid conspiracy weaver, Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' rally attracted approximately 87,000 of his brainwashed Tea Party followers Saturday. This is far short of the 300,000 expected by event organizers or the 1/2 million [!] claimed by the rally's corporate sponsor, FOX "News." 
READ about it at CBS News.

UPDATE 8/29/10: Most Reports of Glenn Beck Rally Size Rely On 'Guestimates'
"CBS commissioned an estimate from AirPhotosLive, a company that provides crowd sizes based on aerial photos. CBS noted that there's a margin of error of plus or minus 9,000. So, by this estimate, there were as few as 78,000 attendees or as many as 96,000."
"Unlike CBS, most news organizations balked at getting that specific (or hiring professionals to make a head count). Some media outlets played it safe with "tens of thousands," a count that's indisputable."
 READ about it at Yahoo News.

UPDATE 8/29/10: Even Palin Can’t Save Beck From Rally Attendance Fail
"It is the day after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, guest starring Sarah Palin, in the Don Knotts, Scooby Doo guest star slot, and the spin is on. Beck claims 400,000 people attended, Palin claims 500,000 people attended, and Michele Bachmann said 1 million people were there, but independent estimates place the number at 87,000-100,000 meaning another Beck rally has flopped."
READ about it at Politicus USA

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